Back From The Dead!

Though for you it may look like I’ve not been away, I have actually taken a break from blogging. Thanks to my very clever past self, I still had three posts every week and never missed a beat. However, I have had a considerable long break from actually writing so that’s why this post is a bit of a jumble. Just like I used to, I’m going to use my blog for rambling today. If that’s not what you would like to see then I totally understand – I will get back to the normal lifestyle posts in the next few days.

Last week was so hectic. I’m going to provide a little itinerary for you (this post is mainly for my benefit, to get things out of my head but you may find enjoyment in it anyway):

Monday 14th October

I visited BBC Media City and The Imperial War Museum in Manchester. There will be a travel diary for it! I got back quite late (about 18:30) when I was estimated to get back at 17:00 – so quite a few tasks were unfinished! I have a tendency to beat myself up when there is an unfinished task on my to-do list. This put me under minor stress and pressure.



Tuesday 15th October

Auditions for Beauty & The Beast production! I didn’t want a main part but I was still really anxious about it. Turns out I did alright but I had to stay 2 hours after I’d normally be back from school. This cut out a lot of my dedicated homework time. Additionally, at break times that day, I was running a cake sale to fundraise for a camp with Scouts. There was hardly any time to chill that day but I managed to watch Bake Off in the evening which was relaxing.

Wednesday 16th October

I continued doing the cake sale in my break times. Interacting with people takes a lot of energy from me so the tiredness was really adding up. I usually have a Scout meeting on a Wednesday evening but I couldn’t make it because I had an English essay to complete. I was also feeling a little bit ill because of the stress was piling on top of me and I also had three teeth taken out at the dentist. I’ll be getting a brace soon. I can hold myself accountable for watching too much Gavin & Stacey that evening but it did cheer me up a bit!

Thursday 17th October

Cake sales, auditions and English essays were all completed so I could finally chill out. It felt amazing to spend an evening with family and just doing what I like best – reading. Still not finished a book this week which is mildly disappointing but I still have the weekend ahead of me!


Friday 18th October  (the day that I am writing this)

Once again I am being a lazy asshole and doing nothing. I finished my homework as soon as I got through the door so by five o’clock the evening was mine. Writing this post has really helped relieve the stress from my system so thank you very much for reading it. I hope that this post helped distract you from your personal worries because that is what I aim to do.

Have you had a hectic week? Feel free to dump your brain in the comments below if it isn’t co-operating. I completely understand!



Goodreads (I barely update it but it makes me feel like a valid book blogger)


5 thoughts on “Back From The Dead!

  1. Your week seemed really busy!! You’re doing a lot and I hope you’re taking care of yourself so you don’t get ill again ❤
    Last week, I was exhausted every day. It was my first week of classes so I was trying to get the materials, find the rooms, keep up with homework, doing chores, … Besides, I went out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and even though I never stayed until very late, everything piled up. I took Sunday off to organise myself. I haven't been reading much, which makes me a bit sad, but hopefully this week I'll be able to keep up with school work, read and keep a balanced social life 😛
    Have a good week ❤

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    • I hope you manage to find that balance too – Marta! Now I’m on a holiday I feel much better though there are still a few things on my to-do list. Sundays are for chilling out and reorganising so I’m glad you took that day off.
      I hope you week went swimmingly and that you’ll take some time for yourself at the weekend.
      Have a good day 🙂 xx

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