My First Ever Book Signing | Minor Stress, Train Delays & Happily Ever After

While it is still fresh in my mind, I would like to share with you my experience at my first book signing! I have spoken about this event in a few posts because I was so excited to go. However, I am still recovering from that excitement so please excuse spelling errors or the incredible amount of exclamation marks. 

I never buy Costa, or anything in disposable cups, but I was so fed up that I really needed something to drink. Luckily there were paper straws!

Friday 13th really did live up to its ‘unlucky’ legacy and the evening was not off to a great start. Many trains were cancelled as there was disruption on the line. This caused us to be very late for the event and I thought that Waterstones would shut us out because we hadn’t been there for the start of the event! As you can all imagine, it went okay in the end. I was worrying over nothing and we got to Waterstones just after the Q&A had started. If you are unaware of a book signing schedule, this is how it usually goes:

  • author is interviewed in front of an audience and we get to learn a little bit about the book (without spoilers) 
  • the author then asks the audience for questions and they are answered
  • we queue up for book signing/share fanart/photos

I am so awkward and I wish that I’d spoken to Connie a lot more than I did. We held a bit of small talk but then I was standing awkwardly with my hands clasped in front of me. I really need to work on my social problems.

Both of my books were beautifully signed and I will treasure them dearly. My other signed books were sent to me signed or I bought from an event (there was a Steve Backshall talk one time) pre-signed. This was my first chance to have my name in it! I call this excitement but non-bookish people will not relate. 

After the book signing I went to Starbucks and tried my first pumpkin spice latte!

For those of you who do not know, Connie Glynn is YA novelist who recently released the third book in her debut series “The Rosewood Chronicles”. She is famous for her YouTube career that she fell into. All Connie has really wanted to do is write. These books are nothing like the ghost-written YouTuber crap. It is amazing to grow with the author as the books get progressively more mature (still very light and fluffy though!). Any of you from outside of the UK may only know her for her books instead of her highly popular YouTube career. Connie’s former channel name was Nooderella but when she stopped doing it full time she used it as a hobby instead. I look up to this woman because I have grown as she has, her channel has changed as I made big decisions in my life. It sounds very cringey, but I think it’s super special. Back to the diary:

My favourite part of this event was the interview. Connie was very clear with her answers and there was a lot of humour in it too! I’ve learnt a lot about The Lost Princess before even reading it. I very much look forward to experiencing this book first-hand. The other two were amazing so I wonder if this one could be better? Lots of people have described it that way!

I cannot wait for the rest of the series and to attend more book-signings in future. It’s a very special experience and a perfect excuse to getaway to Liverpool.

Be kind. Be brave. Be unstoppable.





9 thoughts on “My First Ever Book Signing | Minor Stress, Train Delays & Happily Ever After

  1. Wooohoooo, that is very, very cool! I’ve only been to one book signing but it was part of a literature festival so I paid a ticket price to see Michael Connelly do an interview, then I queued for an hour afterwards to buy his latest book and get it signed. So worth it, I nearly peed myself with excitement so I can imagine how you felt – thank goodness you made it there in time, trains delays be damned! xx

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    • I’m organising and literature festival with a few schools at the moment – it’s going to be fun! I can imagine the excitement – especially for such a big name. Hardly anyone has heard of Connie Glynn 😅 The delays were a pain but it made the book signing even more rewarding. Thank you for your comment 🙂


  2. I’m so happy you had fun!! I love The Rosewood Chronicles and I’ve been watching Connie’s videos for such a long time!! ^^ I can’t wait for the third book to be translated to Portuguese (because I’ve read the previous books in my language too)! I already know I’ll love it as much ❤

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