September Bullet Journal Set-Up

I apologise in advance for talking about myself a lot in this post. You all feel like friends that I can openly rant to. I’m sorry if I misjudged that…

This month’s bullet-journal set-up was originally going to be a Doctor Who theme. Though, drawing lots of TARDISes and various aliens was going to be too much hard work. They all have their extreme amounts of detail which I simply didn’t have time for. Instead, I stuck with the space theme but did some simple doodles. This cover page is inspired by someone on Pinterest and it’s hard to find their username (it was some kind of repost?)


I did use Sharpies to colour in (oops) It was a sacrifice that I had to make because I’d much rather have pretty colours than the opposite! You can see the ghosting and bleeding but please try to ignore it XD


Sorry for the faint pencil, but this is the spread before I added any colour or fine-liner. The fine-liner I use is a Faber Castell in the size S. It’s almost running out so I will have to splurge on another multipack πŸ™‚


This is my calendar spread with my habit tracker down the left-hand side. My goals for this month are, as always, practise my cello every day, workout every morning, read at least 50 pages a day and spend less than one hour on my phone.

You may not be able to read clearly, but on Friday 13th (spooky, I know) I’m going to see Connie Glynn on her book tour! She is releasing a book on the 5th September and going around some Waterstones bookshops to promote it. I’m really excited to read the third book in her series and to meet her will be absolutely amazing!

I don’t have many dates planned for this month and I’m hoping to keep my weekends as free as possible. Going back to school will be quite overwhelming (especially after so many weeks of recreation) and I will try and keep my weekends for blogging and relaxing (which are kind of the same thing).

I’m really excited for September and I hope that Autumn will be a productive time for me. The end of summer is always exciting because I get so busy and finish all of my half-done tasks, so that I can enter on a clean slate. Maybe my reading slump will be cured and hopefully I’ll keep on top of Instagram better.

Do you have any goals for this month? What is your bullet journal theme?

Have a lovely September (we’re already half-way through!)


22 thoughts on “September Bullet Journal Set-Up

  1. Reading all those plans and goals makes me feel as if I should have written those years ago!
    I think the main reason I don’t put any goals that are to be done within a few months is because I hate limitations. I kind of feel like planing out everything takes out the thrill, yknow? Maybe that’s just bc I’m a messy person.
    Anyways, love those drawing and you’re pretty talented! I wouldn’t mind another ramble :3

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    • I like to track when I am doing certain goal or habit. For example, if I didn’t have a tracker for practising my cello then I probably wouldn’t do it! There is a time to be spontaneous but I like to be super organised when it comes to events. As long as they don’t get in the way of school or my blog, then it’s okay πŸ™‚
      Thank you! My drawing skills get better everytime I do one of these set-ups. I’ll defiently post a few rambles when my mind gets too heavy with ideas! x


  2. I loooveeeee this theme! It’s really colourful 😍 I think the repost might be from Amandarachlee who did this theme last year but in blue.

    I wish I could do these spreads in my own bullet journal but I’m a messy person who can’t deal with the limited space.

    Oh and have fun meeting the author! Be sure to take your book with you just in case. She might sign it πŸ™‚

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  3. I enjoyed the tone of speech throughout the blog. In addition, I have been considering to start a bullet journal, but the question is, does it really work? To me it seems like a regular calendar/to-do list with more time invested. How has this bullet journal worked for you?

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