Llandudno Travel Diary | Book Shopping, Donuts & Great Views


5th August 2019

My second time going to Llandudno this year was better than the first. It was incredibly sunny in Wales, while at home the heavens had opened. I arrived in Llandudno around midday and had such a lovely time.

The first place we (family and friends) went was a cafe to have some lunch. We sat outside on some decking and the seagulls didn’t take any chips. The food was lovely but I was too hungry to take photos beforehand! 

Next stop: the beach. We spent most of the afternoon flying kites and playing boules. We had a few games of cricket and I nearly broke my ribs laughing! It wasn’t too hot, nor was the sand too irritating. I dipped my feet in the sea and enjoyed an ice-cream. After enjoying a lovely afternoon, it was time for some fish and chips. We couldn’t go to the seaside without going to the pier, either. The arcade was lots of fun and I won lots of trash. 



This photo is on a bit of a slant, please forgive me


We got back to the hostel at 22:30 that night, after sitting by the sea in pitch-black. The hostel was really cosy and we played some card games before going to sleep. 

6th August 2019

I was rudely awakened that morning by my brother’s snores. Breakfast was early and we were packed and out of the room by 10:00. We walked around town and stopped off at the church for some knitting. It was relaxing and fun, especially with it being so quiet. 


I found some Cassandra Clare books in a “Bargain Books” bookshop. Unfortunately they didn’t have the first one! I also went book shopping in Waterstones (it wasn’t really shopping because I used a voucher) and the YA section was beautiful! I now have A Court Of Thorns And Roses in my possession and I hope that I like it. 


I love the editions where the spines create images

After a bit more browsing, we went up the Great Orme on the tram. Last time I walked up, though my friend hadn’t been to Wales before so she needed the full experience. There was a really nice café at the top and I fattened myself with a cheese and onion pasty. I was so windy at the top and I have great photos of my hair whipping around. For anonymity reasons, I will not share those with you. Just imagine beachy waves… but beachier XD


We revisited the pier and had a weird encounter with a school friend and some donuts. My last hour in Llandudno was greatly enjoyed.


We went headed home at 16:00 and my friend was knitting all the way back. It was a fun experience and we have more inside jokes now than ever before. 

Where have you been recently? Have you visited Wales? 




16 thoughts on “Llandudno Travel Diary | Book Shopping, Donuts & Great Views

  1. I love Wales – I’ve only made it to Llandudno once so far, but it’s on my revisit list! I love the double language road signs and the accents and the countryside and the amazing castles!

    I even went to (deep breath) Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch once, just to buy a bookmark.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The double language signs are always helpful! I can’t get my head around the language. I didn’t get chance to visit the castle near Llandudno but I would have done if there was time. Yikes, that is a lengthy town name. Isn’t it the longest town name in the U.K. or Europe?


  2. Mmm the chips in the box look yum! I’ve never been to Llandudno so it’s cool to learn a little more. Never even knew there was a pier. Love going into arcades, especially using the 2p machines. It’s not a seaside/pier trip without hands smelling of copper coins from the machines & a bunch of crap in your bag that you’ve won 😂The only place I’ve actually visited, as a day trip on a handful of occasions, has been Cardiff. Not a huge fan of the centre but really like the bay. I really need to see more of Wales! Glad you had a lovely time!
    Caz xx


    • Thank you, Caz! They were delicious. It’s called Fish Tram Chips 🙃 I do enjoy the 2p machines aswell – they’re the best part of the seaside! I visited Cardiff a few years ago for the Doctor Who experience so I didn’t see much of the city. I would love to go back again sometime because it was full of history! Thank you very much 😇


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