Taking A Break

Recently, I’ve been trying to hide the struggles of blogging. Posting three times a week can be a strain sometimes. I have been posting just for the sake of posting. Some of my recent posts I am really not happy with but my schedule has required me to post it (I’ve been pushing myself a lot).  Also, being ‘professional’ is not fun. I’ve had to hide from you, my friends, all the problems that have occurred because of being so active. These past few months have been the best my blog has ever seen, and thank you so much for your support! Yet, being successful comes at a price. I have been glued to my iPad when it is really unnecessary. Sometimes a whole day goes by when I haven’t been outside. I disgusted my own problems and I want to put a stop to it.

Bookstagram is one of my new adventures and it has been good so far. Other than the pressure to read more often (which is unavoidable) the community is really safe and I’ve made some new ‘friends’. I enjoy spending time on there but I am very self-critical. My mind is constantly whirring: ‘this is unnecessary’ ‘stop scrolling’ ‘you’re wasting your time’ and I agree with myself, for some parts. I want to put aside 1 hour a day for bookstagram and that’s all. I know it’s very ambitious, but I am a Slytherin after all. In addition, my addiction to books has resulted in less exercise. I need to work on my own fitness and balance between books/health. 

You can probably see where this post is going…

I’m taking a break but for only as long as I need. I want to write up content that I’m 99% happy with, instead of 70%. Hopefully I’ll still be active on Instagram, but I can’t promise anything.

Sorry for the negativity: I thought you might like to know why I won’t be posting for a while.




27 thoughts on “Taking A Break

  1. I hear you! I’ve been in the same place, feeling like I’ve spread myself too thin. At some point, it starts to feel like a chore rather than fun, and that’s what spaces like this are for, after all.

    If my advice helps: I schedule my blog posts out now – one every fortnight on average. Takes all the self-imposed pressure of blogging off, knowing that I have six months breathing room.

    Enjoy your break!

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    • Yes, that is exactly what I mean. It feels like a chore.
      About your advice, I already schedule my posts about a month in advance but it has caught up with me recently. I think I’ll be writing about 5 blog posts a week which will cover all of September and into October (it always feels relieving). I’m taking this break to concentrate on school when it starts and my health.
      Thank you 😊


  2. Thanks for alerting us! It means you care, which I truly appreciate. So many people leave without a goodbye and that only makes us worry about what happened with this blogger/friend.

    Take a break as long as you’d like! Recently, I’ve been feeling low, insincere and just not my cheerful self. So I posted only twice a week and didn’t reply as fast as I did Because I wanted a break from the virtual world. I felt like I needed some distance to pick myself up again. So, my friend, I hope you’ll feel better and take as much as you need ❤

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    • I would not like to disappear and say nothing! I think my break will be only two weeks because I can write a lot in that time. I just want to be ahead of schedule so that I can focus on school when the time comes.
      Taking a break from the virtual world is always required. I hope you feel better soon 😊

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  3. People can really underestimate the toll blogging can take, and everything that’s involved. I’ve been spending hours every day trying to keep up with other blogger posts that I’ve not done anything with my own blog, not to mention having fallen behind on anything I want/need to do in my life outside of the laptop. Sometimes we need a break to see how we want to change things, to get some space, and find our focus. It’s not a negative post – you do whatever you need to do, Erin, just make sure you prioritise yourself, and take all the time you need. We’ll still be here  ♥
    Caz xx

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  4. I just stumbled across your blog and I’m loving it! It’s always important to give time to yourself and prioritize your health 🙂 take all the time you need girl! No rush ❤️

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  5. I think it’s important to take breaks if you feel like you need some time off. It actually really helps bring back you enthusiasm for blogging and it also feels really great to blog about things genuinely instead of because you have to.

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  6. I’m very glad you decided to take this decision! Posting 3x per week, plus answering comments, plus blog hopping, plus bookstagram, plus other social media is really hard to balance. Your readers will still be here when you come back ❤ I'm sure you'll come back with a fresh mind and attitude. Please take care of yourself!

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