My First Time Reading Rainbow Rowell | Ft. Fangirl & Disappointment

I’m sorry to be pessimistic, but ‘Fangirl’ was a let-down. I enjoyed all the characters (Cath was especially relatable, if we minus the fact she was obsessed with fan-fiction) but the plot wasn’t really there. I don’t personally understand the pressure of having an older, more popular twin. Though, I have read many books which have this concept as the main idea.


Having the awkward romance situation made it more enjoyable. I feel a tiny bit sorry for Reagan and I also am getting the vibes that Levi is a player. The chemistry between Cath and Levi is undeniable but Reagan surely must have had some connection to have had such long-term relationship with him.

I wasn’t interested in Carry On (Cath’s fan fiction) and I’m so disappointed that Cath, Wren and Levi aren’t in the ‘sequel’. Simon and Baz were an exact recreation of Draco and Harry. It didn’t seem very original.

Should I write in past or present tense for these book reviews? I’m so confused.


I was disappointed by this book because I’d heard so many good things about it. It was also my first ever time reading Rainbow Rowell. If I went into this with no expectations, I wouldn’t have come out being so disappointed.

Fangirl is a cute and cozy read but there’s no plot to it: a few family mishaps and a little bit of anger. If you are a romantic, this may be for you. However, it was just too cliché for me.

We all have books that let us down and I really want to share these opinions with you. Not every book you pick up is going to be good. Just push through it! Leaving it half-done might mean leaving a good ending (we all know classics have slow starts, but they get better by the end).

Have you ever read Rainbow Rowell? Have you written fan fiction in the past?

I hope you have an amazing day and that no books let you down!




14 thoughts on “My First Time Reading Rainbow Rowell | Ft. Fangirl & Disappointment

  1. I read this one earlier this year and used to skip the parts where there was “Carry On” which is something very unlike me because I like to read the whole book and not some parts of it. It was also my first Rainbow Rowell and although I’m not a huge fan of the book, I think I’ll give another book of her a shot just to see if it’s the author or the story that I didn’t like 😊

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    • I also skipped the Carry On parts! I will also give Rowell a second chance; I’ve heard good things about Eleanor & Park and I hope that’s not a disappointment! Please share your thoughts on any of her novels that you read next.
      Thank you for your comment 😊


  2. I also read this last month as my first Rowell’s book, and I’m disappointed. I’m really anticipating this title, especially since Rowell was a well-known author and I’ve heard great things about Fangirl, but I was experiencing the complete opposite.

    I have a copy of Eleanor & Park in my shelf but a few months ago, I just found out that apparently, it’s quite problematic. Not so sure now whether I’m going to pick up another Rowell’s book in the near future after I encountered these two issues!

    Have a great day, Erin! I hope your next read is better! 💛

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    • It is so great to hear that I am not alone! I will give Rowell a second chance. I think I would’ve enjoyed this novel if I’d read it earlier (before I had too many books to compare it to). Rowell deserves a second chance though. I’ll be picking up Eleanor And Park in the future (but definetly not buying it).
      Thank you, Vinny! I just finished Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children and it was great. Have a great day too 💕


  3. Past tense for book reviews is fine – you’ve finished the book, it’s in the past. 🙂

    The only RR I’ve read was Eleanor and Park, and I rated that five out of five. And in matter of fact, I AM a romantic, so maybe this one would work for me!

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  4. Great review, Erin! I read Fangirl last year and while I enjoyed it, I was a bit disappointed. It’s many people’s favourite book so I had super high expectations. Cath was relatable and I liked Levi, but it wasn’t an amazing story. I think the fanifc element was an interesting idea but it kind of bored me.

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  5. I’m sorry to hear this was such a disappointment to you! I remember reading it some years ago and enjoying it, as well as Carry On (it is an exact copy of Draco and Harry, so it didn’t spark my attention for it, but I thought it good at the time). From Rainbow Rowell, I’ve read those two, Eleanor & Park – that I also enjoyed back then but can now see how problematic it is, – and Landlines. I’ve never read anything from her ever since, nor do I intend to, to be honest.
    Growing up, I always loved to write, and inevitably, I fell on the fanfiction hole. When I was twelve, I’d join Facebook pages that were kind of like blogs, and my online friends would write fanfiction about One Direction – I was never a fan, but most of my friends irl were, so they’d ask me to write stories for them. After, I joined Wattpad and I think I also wrote about 5sos. I quit writing after a while, but I kept reading. I haven’t kept up with the stories I used to follow for at least a year, which is sad xD

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    • Thank you for your comment! I think I would’ve enjoyed this book if I was younger and had less to compare it to. I used to write a lot of unfinished Doctor Who fan fiction and my ideas were pretty wild! I loved/love One Direction! The fan fiction hole sounds like a great one, whereas I fell into blogging and poetry. Thank you for your response and have a good day 🙂

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