Ukelele | Learning Something New

I just came across an old ukulele. My older brother used this for lessons when he was in Year 4 (8 years old). It has stickers on for the chords so that will help me. I’m going to tune it, learn to play it and start singing with my hand gently strumming across the four strings.

This is what summer is for: learning something new. Even though nylon strings aren’t made for vigorous practise, I’ll just have to make do.

Having a broad range of instruments that you can play is really good! I’m currently learning cello (the instrument I most passionate about) but I am teaching myself keyboard.ย Now we have another addition to the family,


I look forward to the blood, sweat and tears you will put me through.



8 thoughts on “Ukelele | Learning Something New

  1. I used to have piano lessons when I was younger, but unfortunately didn’t go along with the teacher and quitted. I still have a keyboard I’d use to practise, and some summers ago I tried to learn through Youtube (I managed to play some songs, which was my goal, but my problem is consistency). I’m also part of my faculty’s Tuna, which is a musical group, and I play the percussion instruments. I also love the tambourine, especially because we have choreographies for the songs, and so my friends who play it in Tuna sneakily teach me the choreographies. Good luck with the ukelele! โค

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    • Consistency and practice can be quite hard to keep up with! It would be amazing if you could get your keyboard out again ๐Ÿ˜Š Percussion is something I’ve not really got into to but it’s so cool! Thank you – I am enjoying the ukelele so far ๐Ÿ™‚

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