August Bullet-Journal Set-Up 2019

This is my all-time favourite post to write for this blog. Bullet-journalling was something I was introduced to at the start of the year and I am completely obsessed! I’ve managed to be more productive and my days have been so much more full. It’s crazy the amount you can do in 24 hours!

This monthly spread is a little more artsy than my previous set-ups. As you can see, my main inspiration was lemons. It’s a very summery fruit, and yellow is a beautiful summery colour!Β 810a750b-fb7f-4374-bfa5-4b1f442ff5a0

As per usual, I like to keep it simple. This month needed even less planning than usual because I have no school and a lot of time away from home. I even thought of moving back to only posting twice a week. I will really have to push myself! I’m up for the challenge, but I don’t want to be hard on myself when I don’t get a post up in time.


These pens are cheap children’s ones and have lasted me a while. They are, as expected, not the best quality but they do well just to journal with! This lemon is left over from my lemonade making the other day πŸ™‚


The sun came out for this photo!

Those long lines represent the time I will be out of the house and, in some cases, the country. The habit trackers have not showed up too well, but I will explain how they work. First of all, I write a goal that I want to achieve. This month’s goals are:

  • practise cello every day
  • improve my piano skills
  • read more than I did last month
  • spend less time on my phone (I’m getting really good at this one, less than 45 minutes every day!)
  • spend less time on my iPad (where I work from or watch videos)

For example, if I practise my cello, I would colour in the day’s corresponding square. By the end of the month, I will aim to have coloured every square in!


In the bottom right-hand corner, I have an expense tracker and a to-do list. I do not spend much money on things that aren’t necessary (books, sweets) so this is only small but august is my birthday month and many of my friend’s. It can be quite expensive, but that just means I will have to spend less on myself (aka lots of sugar) and more on other people.

My to-do list also looks tiny but I always have enough space! My weekly spreads are where I write the day-to-day tasks.

Do you keep a bullet journal? What advantages does it give you (opposed to a regular journal)?

I hope you have a great month, whatever you are up to!





19 thoughts on “August Bullet-Journal Set-Up 2019

  1. I like your theme! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»I bullet journal and blog about it. I like to bullet journal because it’s kinda a creative outlet for me and has improved my drawing skills! (which are very limited)😁

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