My Summer Bucketlist 2019

Hello, welcome back to my blog!

I don’t know if you are aware of the American Youtuber: Haley Pham. A couple of weeks ago she released a video called ‘My Summer Bucketlist’ and I was really intrigued. She complied a list, in her bullet journal, of what she wanted to do with her long summer break. I actually have a couple of weeks left of school so my list will not be as long. Also, I am very busy in August time so that’s nearly a month gone. Still, there are a few things I am eager to do this holiday.

1. Go to a theme park (with a friend)

There is a theme park near me that I have not attended in my whole life. This may be an expensive one, but I would really love to go. Hopefully, with a friend who knows their way around 😂 as many of them do!

2. Camp in the garden

This one is quite achievable. A tent, books and board games! I’d definitely do one night solo and then another with a friend.

This photo is totally unrelated but I wanted to use it somewhere 😂

3. Go on a few evening bike rides

They are my favourite thing to do when the weather is warmer. Hopefully I’ll manage to do a few of them before I head off to all my Guide camps and Menorca!

4. Practise more with my camera

In term time, I can never find a spare minute to get out my camera and do some photography. Through the summer, I look forward to learning a bit more from my dad and taking brilliant photos of the summer landscape!

5. Go swimming regularly

Swimming practise is off during holidays so I will have to find time to go independently and stretch my muscles.

6. Do some at-home yoga

Maybe sometime the house will be quiet enough for me to meditate and excersise. It’s impossible to even go 10 minutes undisturbed!

7. Explore new music

Utilise my Amazon Prime membership and discover some more indie rock bands!

8. Experiment with my cello

I’m approaching my Grade 1 exam so by the summer I will be able to chill. Of course, I will be assigned pieces to practise but I want to try and figure out some of my favourite tunes.

9. Have a mocktail

At least try one!

10. Spend time with friends

Advice to myself: stop spending as much time reading in your bedroom 😂

That’s it for my summer bucketlist! Hopefully I will be documenting it via my diary or on my blog. Make sure to check out my Instagram for regular updates on what I am up to!

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10 thoughts on “My Summer Bucketlist 2019

  1. Good luck with everything on your list! ❤ A lot of these are also things I want to do as well this summer. Ahh, I love using Amazon prime to listen to Amazon music, they have so many really good options that you can listen to for free so I hope you're able to discover new music that way!

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  2. Hahah love the random photo! Maybe eat more scones & clotted cream should be on the list 😉 I think all your bucket list ideas are good, and achievable, too. Makes me tempted to try this myself because otherwise the summer will have been & gone and I won’t have done anything I’d like to do! xx

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