France Travel Diary | Bayeux Tapestry, D-Day Landing Beaches & a Beautiful Evening!

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Today I am sharing with you more of my France travel diary. This is part two, you can enjoy this post on it’s own or as part of the series. Previous days are linked here!

Wednesday 22nd May

One the second (third technically) day of France, I went to Bayeux to experience the cathedral and the well-known tapestry. Before going to the Bayeux museum, I explored the town. The market was interesting and very colourful!

Bayeux cathedral

I can’t explain how excited I was to go and see the Bayeux tapestry! History is a subject I have a deep interest in. The Battle of Hastings has had such an influence on England so to see it represented in this artistic form was cool. Historians believe there is a chunk missing, at the end.

With inability to take photos, I have nothing to show you of the tapestry itself. If you are to visit – I will tell you a few things about the experience. It was narrated (so you don’t have to recall the Norman Conquest in your head πŸ˜‚). You went through a tunnel and had the pictures explained to you in detail. This interpretation of the story was very interesting and accurate.

So the colours can’t fade, it was in a dark room. The only light was a dim, strip light – directly above the tapestry – which was held in a cabinet.

After being in the room itself, there was an exhibition upstairs which showcased a timeline, film, and other parts on the making of it. I visited all the exhibits and watch the film!

Next stop: the British war cemetery. It had a peaceful atmosphere (despite tourists) which was very lucky. Prayers to the men resting there πŸ™

For the afternoon, I visited Arromanches (the D-Day landing beaches). You can do your own research on this, for I would not like to make this post any more mournful. I visited a round cinema which was very (emotionally) moving. I am aware that some people cried. I felt a little too shocked for any sadness! The film grew from depressing to rejoicing. The music made me feel extra emotional!

For the remaining afternoon, I went to the town of Arromanches. It was getting ready for the D-Day anniversary so it felt extra special. I enjoyed yet another ice-cream (to add on to the one I had the day before 🐷).

There were plenty of souvenir shops but I don’t not interest myself in those. I am not materialistic. The memories and photos are priceless!

When arrived back at the hotel, I went to the beach again. The evening was so beautiful, despite it being chilly!

Have a great day, mes amis!

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31 thoughts on “France Travel Diary | Bayeux Tapestry, D-Day Landing Beaches & a Beautiful Evening!

    • I spent 5 days there! The beach was beautiful, I’m disappointed that I couldn’t see more of it. I would recommend the south of France (like Provence) because it is very warm and beautiful. The coast is blue, as it is the Mediterranean Sea.
      Happy travelling!

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  1. The Bayeux tapestry must have been cool to see, but I think visiting the Arromanches would be one of those ‘must do’ things for France, I can imagine that being incredibly emotional. The beach in the evening looks beautiful! xx

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    • I am a bit of a history geek XD.
      I would agree with you, Caz: Arromanches was a ‘must-do’. Especially with my visit so close the 75th anniversary! The film was emotional, at one point there was a baby right outside an explosion. Luckily, a solider grabbed her before anything exploded.
      How are you doing? xx

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      • Bless that soldier, what perfect timing for him to be there.
        I’m okay thank you. Hard to complain about anything when talking about events like those in the same sentence! Definitely gives you perspective on things.
        Are you doing okay..? I can’t believe it’s nearly the weekend again already, yikes! I hope you have a good end to your week lovely xx

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      • This week has gone fast, but also dragged on. I can still vividly remember the events last week!
        I am doing fine, just stressing over the events that the last term of school throws at you.
        All will be over in a few weeks, thank goodness! πŸ˜‚
        Have a great weekend x

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  3. Hiya! I was wondering if I could post a similar idea with the whole travel diary thing? I’m currently in Spain and I love the idea of keeping my travels written down! πŸ™‚ x

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