Bookish Rambles | The Hawkweed Prophecy, The Hawkweed Legacy


I must admit, I’ve been procrastinating writing this post for a while. The only reason is probably because I didn’t know how to sum up these books without giving you spoilers! Stay tuned though, I have finally came up with a solution that includes no spoilers…

Go and read them!

The Hawkweed Prophecy


The book certainly engaged me, as I finished it in about three days. You get quite attached to the characters, and when ‘the boy’ (remember, no spoilers) comes into the scene, you know his fate lies most certainly with one of the girls (and not the one he ends up with in the second book).

The author, Irena Brignull, was incredibly good at foreshadowing. When a massive event happened, you could really link it back to what you had read previously. Some events, however, take a nasty turn.

The first book gives you an introduction and is mainly non-violent…

The Hawkweed Legacy

…but then you get to the second book. It has a lot of chapters, crossing perspectives between characters. I love novels that are written like this, especially when you are looking back at a character’s life! There is a lot of action in the sequel, accompanied by violence. The morals in the story are also very important. When reading, focus on Raven’s relationship with everyone. The way she gets inside people and manipulates them.


I must say, these books are about witches but they’re not the standard Room On The Broom. Nor is it Harry Potter. It’s set in the modern-day world, which I find really fascinating because maybe our world does have witches in it. We are totally unaware! Isn’t that a strange thing to wonder about?

I picked these books up from the library, not expecting what I received. The covers to the books I borrowed were different to those I show you in the photos but I couldn’t find a HD version of them both on the web D:

I hope you enjoyed my book review today! I have many more to come, just as I have many more books to read! On my Pinterest you will find reading lists, if that’s something you are interested in!


5 thoughts on “Bookish Rambles | The Hawkweed Prophecy, The Hawkweed Legacy

  1. Hmmm looks very interesting. I hate when the character ends up with the wrong one and they know it and the reader knows it! Don’t run from your instincts. I love the covers…hmm one more book to add in the list of books to buy…📖

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    • Luckily, the characters knew he ended up with the wrong person as well. The covers are certainly artistic! However, the ones I borrowed from the library looked a bit different.
      I’m glad they intrigued you!

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  2. A world with witches in and we’re not even aware, that is pretty cool to think about! I’ve not come across Brignull before but these sound like a great find from your library, and nicely reviewed! 🙂

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