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If you have been keeping up with my Instagram then you will be aware of my visit to Llandudno, Wales from the 15th-16th April 2019. I must admit, I have been very productive and have scheduled up until the middle of May (though it is only the 18th April). Sorry for the lateness of this post but I hope you enjoy it, all the same.

When we arrived in Llandudno this was the first place we went to. We had quite a few pitstops at cafés! It was very cosy and had a retro vibe which, of course, pleased me very much.


I didn’t take the best photos due to my fear of being noticed, and weirdly stared at.


I ordered a very enjoyable hot chocolate and jacket potato, both of which were lovely and vegetarian. There were also a few vegan options but the kitchen was combined. In conclusion, maybe not the best cafe for you plant-based humans.


My brother in the background, stabbing chicken wings? and sipping tea.

(the cheese was epic, if any of you care 😂)


They certainly had the assortment of baked potatoes!


If you ever visit Llandudno, there is a wide variety of cafes to choose from. Take your pick!


All photographs in this post taken on my iPhone SE

7 thoughts on “Café & Culture | Travel Diary & Review

  1. I’ve never been but I’d like a visit there, and this place sounds quite good (especially if you need veggie options). I feel super awkward taking photos in places too, but your shots have turned out looking very arty! xx

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    • It is not a chain and I wish it was closer to home, but if you ever go to Wales then Llandudno is great! Thank you, I like the photos too: only if I could have another one of those jacket potatoes 😋
      Thanks for your comment, Caz!

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