How I Make My Scrapbook Travel Spreads

You don’t need to spend money on scrapbooking. Fancy paper is expensive and does not encourage us to start a scrapbook! It’s a hobby I took up this year because I luckily received a scrapbook for my birthday! After postponing starting the scrapbook for a while, I finally started. It became a burden to write on these spreads and soon I realised: I don’t have to write in my scrapbook! Scrapbooking is a visual art and in this post I am going to share with you how to master it.

I use my scrapbook to document mainly travel and days out. Today I will be reviewing my trip to Llandudno, Wales!

I would recommend gathering supplies before you start. It makes it an easier and quicker process! My HP Sprocket always comes in handy, but if you don’t own one you shouldn’t worry. It is just as easy to print from your computer! Also, receipts are great for travel spreads. Not only do they document your purchases but they also can be used a diary of where you have been. Leaflets and postcards are cheap or free and easy to find. Try finding one or two on your travels!

The essentials are just a glue stick and scissors. A ruler is optional and helps you measure paper out if you plan on a bit of collage.

If you are printing photos then I would highly recommend creating an album of pictures you would like to use. Ink is costly so from a select few, select a selecter few πŸ˜‚ I printed out self-explanatory photos or ones that callibrated with reciepts.

Example of collaborating order sheet and photo

Fold over any large (A5-A4) pieces of paper. You want to maximise the space and also create some interaction in your spread!

The layout is where you could succeed or fail. Large items go in opposite corners. If they are squished together, small items do not get as much recognition. The spread needs to be seen as whole and not individual items.

Top Tip: stick other items onto folded sheets! If sheets are left undecorated then they stick out like a sore thumb

Fiddle around with layout and paper clip together any similar items (eg. receipts). Add ribbon or loose paper to add texture and ‘pop’. Frame your favourite photo with a bold colour so that it stands out! I am a bit of an artist so I find scraps of paper in every corner. Use them to your advantage and don’t let them go to waste!

The final result needs to have some overlap and texture. All flat is not eyecatching! Nor is it artsy.

I am indeed no expert in the scrapbooking art but when I first started I would love to have had a blog post, like this, to follow. I hope it helped you or entertained you and…

Happy scrapbooking!

12 thoughts on “How I Make My Scrapbook Travel Spreads

  1. I need to get out more so I actually have photos to scrapbook!! Such a cool idea, thanks for the tips & inspiration. I especially love “Ink is costly so from a select few, select a selecter few” – absolutely! I now buy unbranded inks that work with my printer thankfully, the last printer I had would only use their own inks, I think that was HP, cost an absolute fortune. xx

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    • I would love to see your results! I’m glad this inspired you, and for the tips: you’re welcome πŸ˜‰ The HP Sprocket paper is quite pricey, but I can’t find any other brands that make the correct shape or print quality. Anyways, I will be searching!
      You comment is really appreciated, thank you 😊
      Erin x

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    • Also, I apologise for not being able to reply on your blog. WordPress seems to be the only commenting system I can use as the moment, but be aware that I am still reading! I hope this problems sorts itself out, but until then I will forever be your silent reader πŸ˜‚πŸ’•


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