Talking Is Hard

Why I Find Talking Hard

Just to clarify, it not the action of waggling my mouth that I find difficult (I am very good at yapping) but more the process of finding words, then regretting saying them. Often I overthink situations. For example, I’ll have a conversation with my friend and think about that conversation all day. I will re-enact the situation, replacing words with other ones and, from that, creating a reaction from my friend. This may sound very confusing to you, but I am confident that some people can resonate with what I am saying.

When I am mindlessly walking to school is, usually, when I think of this. I walk up to the bus stop and take a look at who is there, who I can hold a conversation with as wait for the bus. Prior to the meeting, I will give myself a script to follow as I talk to them. However, this obviously depends on their reaction. Usually, in the script, I am the one to start conversation. When the other person does, I very quickly have to take on another script.

Despite all this, I do sometimes use words incorrectly or mess up my plurals. Then, because of this strange (I think this is what you call an overthinking?) thought process I own, of course I correct other people when they mess up like I do. This may be aloud or just a mental correction. It is very hypocrytical but it’s in order to try and get myself to do it right next time.

This is why writing is an easier communication for me. I can always go back and correct/change things before I click ‘send’ or put it in the envelope.

Is this relatable to anyone?

Please tell me in the comments, I am a growing human and need some reassurance. πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Talking Is Hard

  1. I used to have really bad social phobia and anxiety when I was much younger, and I didn’t start ‘coming out of my shell’ more until my late teens. Even then, talking was a struggle, but over the years I’ve grown far more confident with it. You could even mistake me for someone who is confident & finds chatting a breeze! Part of what helped me was learning to laugh at myself, to not take myself too seriously. But I still overthink everything I say or rehearse words & phrases before I say them; caring less about these things is, I think, a constant work-in-progress.
    Caz xx

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