Why Some People Live More In Ten Year’s Than Others Do In 80 | Philosophy

Welcome to my philosophy. Some people believe that humans are superior because we have minds and brains. I would not like to preach, but humans are animals – scientifically, but could also be spiritually and religiously. That ant you killed today, has a mind too. The fact may seem irrelevant, but once you read this you’ll understand.

We all have different ways of communicating. This is where people misunderstand each other and begin confusion. Just because we can’t understand a cat doesn’t mean we are more superior to it. Before you jump to conclusions, saying that you can understand your pet, think about yourself. People sometimes don’t understand you, they twist your words as they pass them on. If humans can’t understand humans, humans can’t understand cats.

That was a bit of an absurd example but I am trying to explain as best I can with the limited vocabulary palette I own.

Humans are animals. In some ways we are lower than them. We have now became domesticated which is beautiful, in some ways, but to me it’s not right. Selfishly, we want luxury. We want clothes and food and houses. However, we could strip this all back and still survive… or could we?

Now we have evolved. We can’t even take mobile phones off people because they have that ‘need to communicate’ but only a few decades ago, we had no communication other than by telephone.

Scarily, we have evolved to need substantial amounts of food and water. We cannot strip the world now, but certainly ration things a bit more. I would like to see a world wide reflection, whether that be by prayer, to recognise that we are animals.

Thank you Lord and I hope You guide us on earth to be more animal-like and less selfish. I hope when You look at us you will think of perfection.

6 thoughts on “Why Some People Live More In Ten Year’s Than Others Do In 80 | Philosophy

  1. Lovingly kindness to all living thing is my ideal. Hence plant based diet and try not killing anything including insects. Sounds extreme, however, that’s me now. Nice post !

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    • It sounds like the best life. I am a minimalist (or at least on my road to it) and a vegetarian. Veganism would be a challenge for me as I am still in school (uniform is unethical ☹️) but it could be part of my future! Thank you for your comment, and for reading my blog!

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