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Friday 21st February 

Today I went to the Filter + Fox cafe, Liverpool, for brunch. I am no food critic but I can certainly tell that the food was amazing in many ways. On the menu were many dishes, but the only vegetarian dish that I could see at first glance was a grilled cheese sandwich. That to you, may not seem extraordinary but it was certainly brilliant. It came with a spoonful of a lovely cafe-made sweet pickle and was served on lovely, toasted brown-seeded bread. Excuse me, but I forgot to take a photograph of the meal. Hah! I was truly very hungry.

For my drink, I had an elderflower and lemon soda. As you can imagine, it was lovely. I had never heard of such thing before, but I realise it makes so much sense to put the two flavours together!


I went with my brother and mum. My mum and I had the exact same food, drink and everything. My brother, however, had a bacon bagel and hot chocolate.


The only problem I had with this cafe is that service time was long. I didn’t mind this, but others, I imagine, would so – especially if they’re hungry! It took half an hour for just three sandwich/toasties to get to us. I can gather that this was from low staffing. Anyways, negative points aside, it was certainly worth the wait. I really enjoyed my brunch!

If you ever come to visit Liverpool, I would recommend you go and eat in local business restaurants. It is so much nicer than the chains. especially if you are with family and friends.


And I’m finished! I really enjoyed writing a post a little bit different to normal. Lifestyle posts, for me, are hard to write. But if I perfect them I’m sure that I can engage you!

If you enjoyed this post, please like and comment. I would love to hear where you like to go for brunch!


The featured image is a photograph of Liverpool from the top of the Anglican Catherdral.

All photos in this post are taken on my iPhone SE.

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17 thoughts on “Filter + Fox | Café Review

  1. Ooo I haven’t had a cheese toastie in ages, you’ve made me want one! Strangely, some places can get them horribly wrong so it’s good this place did it justice, even if you were too hungry to remember to take a pic 😉 Shame about the long wait, I do find that frustrating in places, especially if you’re in a rush. Elderflower drinks can be so sweet & refreshing, I wish more places served them xx

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  2. “If you ever come to visit Liverpool, I would recommend you go and eat in local business restaurants. It is so much nicer than the chains.”

    Quite true everywhere, I suppose. Great observation! I wish more people would support local restaurants and cafes.

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