Stamp Your Feet

I wouldn’t say I’m looking through the wrong end of the telescope: I just have a different perspective.


The purpose of life is to share your opinions. It’s no longer to have kids, survive and keep the human race from becoming extinct. Not anymore. We are born in to this world to share our opinions and stamp our feet.

Most of what you do recreationally is part of expressing yourself. You have a hobby, you tell people about your hobby and then you make friends based on it. It may not primarily be a form of expression (like art) but just having those occupations leaves an impression on those who are also interested in the subject.

Where do you think you have made large impression on people?

I would love to hear in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Stamp Your Feet

  1. “We are born in to this world to share our opinions and stamp our feet.” – I love that, and I’d agree. The question has made me think though… I’m not really sure where I’ve made a large impression on people. How sad. Ummm, maybe through my blog?

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    • You’ve definitely made me more grateful! Living with a chronic illness is something I am fortunate to not have been through, but I complain with my life when its next to perfect ♥️ Your blog is certainly a way to create an impression on people. Thank you so much for the comment 🙏 x

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