They had never heard it before: the twanged string of a Cello. Neither had I, until about this time last year.

So I began playing the cello in March 2018. I completely immersed myself into it and was playing 24/7 every day. Non-stop. Then June came and I lost all my motivations for the instrument. Spurts of motivation came every now and then throughout autumn and summer but by winter I had given up.

Then the new year came.

I’m not one for the ‘new year, new me’ sort of idea but all of a sudden I have fallen in love with that instrument again. This is what happens with music. These phases are the start of a devotion.

9 thoughts on “Cello

  1. I think it’s natural that sometimes our motivations or enthusiasm for something waxes and wanes or dies out completely, then can be brought back to life. A new year, or even a new season, can be great for reigniting interests. I’m really glad you’ve picked it back up and are back to enjoying the cello! 🙂

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