The Stereotyped Blogger

I used to embrace the title ‘blogger’ and still do. But just like the title ‘doctor’, ‘dame’, or ‘sir’ it needs some work to get there. The stereotype of a teen blogger these days includes the likes of fashion posts, lifestyle and baking. This is not what I do. I used to try and pull it off but deep down I realised that it wasn’t for me. I had a hard time deciding a theme or a common genre to write in for this blog. I am still unsure so I don’t want to make myself sound certain and put it out there that I am this.

We as humans constantly change and adapt. There’s no stopping us. The indefinite term for our influenced and ever-changing selves is simply: human.

I would like to brush away the stereotypes of bloggers and get you to understand that there’s all different kinds of us.

How do you feel on this subject? If you would like to contact me privately then my email is here or you can DM via Instagram.


5 thoughts on “The Stereotyped Blogger

  1. Yes, you’re right! Famous bloggers are often well known for lifestyle or beauty sites and I think that has added to the untrue definition of a ‘blogger’. We are simply human beings writing about our thoughts and passions and we’re all different. Great post! Xx

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  2. I totally agree with you. Every person is different and unique and therefore every blogger is unique. You can’t just put everyone in one box and say they’re all the same. Every blogger has their own style, content, interests and opinions.

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