I Didn’t Look At My Reflection For a Day

A lot of the Internet is describing yourself in 140 characters. This is why we find it useful to have labels such as introvert or blogger. It will not describe down to the bone, but it’s what you want other people to perceive you as.

This is why I am going to go one day without looking at my reflection. It’s already been hard washing my face and doing all the basics, but I’ll pull through. I’ve seen a few people do this for their mental health and self perception. I don’t know if I’m doing it for the same reason, but I’ll find out when it’s over.

Have you or will you ever try the challenge?

7 thoughts on “I Didn’t Look At My Reflection For a Day

  1. Quite the opposite actually. I occasionally look at myself and express positive comments about myself, which helps. I won’t avoid reality. This reflection is who I am; I’ll either improvise, or embrace it, but I won’t repel from it.

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