Procrastinating | Procrastination

For the majority of my blog posts this month I have gone through some random unorganised notes on my phone and published them. They may not be long, but getting content out there is better than not. I am writing this on January 6th so I have been writing posts for quite far ahead! 😂 I am really enjoying my blog at the moment because I am not demotivated to write. Motivation was a problem all throughout 2018. If you have been reading since this time last year then you’ll know. I took so many breaks even when I didn’t need them. To prevent that happening this year, when I am motivated or productive I will write out a couple of posts and schedule them so that if I procrastinate and don’t write for those next few days, I’ll still have posts up.

Do you relate to this? Did you ever relate to this when you started out as a blogger? Please tell me in the comments below so that we can have a nice friendly natter 🙃

2 thoughts on “Procrastinating | Procrastination

  1. I’m a new blogger myself and I do face this problem myself. Inspiration comes out of the blue for me. For example, I would be eating, and suddenly I have an idea that was eve tually developed into a poem 😂

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