Some Introverts That Aren’t Shy

you may not be an extrovert, and you may not be an introvert. does it depend who you are with?

Introverts don’t have to be shy. I should know. I’ve decided that I want to change a part of me so that I’m not so outspoken, because all it brings is for the worse. I learnt the hard way. However, I still believe it is good to share your opinion – but you just have to do it in a subtle way or not at all. Only direct it to the right people. The wrong people will eventually find out, but that’s okay; the wrong people will probably understand you better by then.

Anyway, back to the point. Introverts don’t have to be shy. Introverts are the people that are not extroverts. There’s a middle to the scale but it’s very rare that we find any ambiverts. Having a balance of both is good – but we fond that you are probably more introverted or extroverted and not 50:50.

You may have not thought before if you are an extrovert or an introvert. People spend a long time in isolation, trying to find out who they are, when they should get out there before it’s too late. We are changing all the time – due to experience. You may go and see something amazing and want to see more amazing things like it, so start travelling. You may go through and relationship and come out of it thinking that it’s not for you; and rather than search for the right person, go off doing what you want (which often brings the right person, even if the subject is at the back of your head). Experience is what makes life. If you decide yourself before experience, then you are pretty much at death. Experience changes us, you will never be the person you set out to be.

Just because I drink tea and read books doesn’t mean that I’m not afraid to share my opinion and speak loudly for the better of people. You really underestimate the title of an introvert. You are scared of finding out that you aren’t who you thought you are.

‘Discover yourself, before helping discover others.’ is a phrase I do not agree with. In some circumstances, yes, it is good. To be used as a phrase to cover all boundaries – it is highly incorrect. The only thing you need to know about yourself is if you are the better person.

We can’t be the best person all of the time, but we can be the better person.

7 thoughts on “Some Introverts That Aren’t Shy

  1. I am 100% somewhere in between! I have some elements of an introvert’s character, but I would say I’m mostly extroverted. Like you say, sometimes it depends who you’re with 🙂 very interesting 🙂 xxx

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  2. Very good points, you definitely can be an introvert without being shy or afraid to speak up. “You really underestimate the title of an introvert” – definitely agree there, I think this is true as a stereotype of what introverts are like.x

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