Wear Your Bad Day

Sometimes you just feel shit. But often it’s not just you – but your reaction to things around you that haven’t gone as you’d like them to. Like, you are going out for an evening and aren’t told until it is half and hour before you need to be there, or you have arranged to meet up with a friend but are told that you are going somewhere else instead.

This is an example of not getting our way. And my reaction to that is to write about it in my bed, on my phone, instead of reading like I planned. I’m not procrastinating – but it feels as though I am. I just can’t do what I wanted. And that isn’t shit. That’s just life, and society gives you a happy face to put on when you are not happy at all. Thanks society. But I’d like you to know when I’m feeling bad because then maybe you wouldn’t try and include me in conversations.

I don’t want to talk. I’m sad. Let me do things I want until I’m happy.

But often nothing goes as you want.

4 thoughts on “Wear Your Bad Day

  1. Those crap days can be quite often, and when life doesn’t play ball it can be frustrating. We put on a face and act like it’s okay sometimes, but then perhaps there are other times we need to acknowledge we’re not okay and be a bit miserable about things. xx


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