The Therapy of Words

Writing in this notebook is a diary. It wasn’t intentional, but here I am writing about every breath of my day and putting my mind in to words and scribbling them on to a page. Pouring out my thoughts on to paper. If I do empty my mind into this book then I have capacity to fill it up again – but that’s not really how things work. Most things stick to the inside of your brain like honey in the bottom of the jar.

As you may be aware, if you’ve read Tuesday’s post, I write traditionally on to paper. I do this quite a lot and it benefits my blogging. I take various sentences from my ‘diary’ and merge them into a paragraph that makes enough sense for other people to understand. I still write digitally – as I have to transfer these notes. Having a combination of the two makes writing easier for me and for some reason makes me feel healthier if I don’t just rely on the screen to get my words out.

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