Hope Is Worth Reading

Will writing pen on paper be better for me than writing on the computer? I of course can’t just copy and paste directly into WordPress but if I am patient with myself then I can transform traditional notes, like these, from one medium to another. My phone is ringing. I am trying to make it background noise along with the music playing. The music’s pace is picking up and I’m starting to bob up and down on my chair. The song has now ended, but another one is unfolding. I’ve just realised how much I like writing like this rather than the latter.

I have started a notebook in which I write everything down. Personal and public, just a way to get my thoughts down the way that I used to. It’s sort of a diary but I’m not writing it to make any sense to other people. I can imagine I will flick back through some pages and they won’t even make sense to me. I treat it as a meditation or a therapy – and it’s really helping me to start blogging again. I’ve stopped and started this year (meaning 2018 – which I would like to leave being me). I say that when I start again it will be better and I will fully commit to it, but that’s not the case. All sorts of things come in the way of me being able to write like I want to. It’s a shame – but it’s life. I like the place I am at now. I will not promise that there will be any more posts on the usual schedule because most often I have spurts of inspiration and then I fall down into an demotivated pit. Thank you for sticking by through all the ups and downs of my blog! No doubt this will be another up. a̸n̸d̸ n̸o̸ d̸o̸u̸b̸t̸ t̸h̸e̸r̸e̸ w̸i̸l̸l̸ b̸e̸ a̸ d̸o̸w̸n̸.

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