This Is Not A Blog Post | Blogmas Day Nine

I’ve been trying to procrastinate blogging so I can have a chilled weekend, but it actually feels worse. Yesterday I posted late because instead of scheduling it for 2:00 am I scheduled for 2:00pm. Then yesterday I was having a really good day and was seriously procrastinating. That meant I didn’t write a post for 2:00 am this morning – but I am still getting a post up. I don’t like being lazy. It gives me a feeling at the top of my head that I will never grow to love. I’m so much better at being productive. The stereotype of relaxation is doing nothing much, but that’s just a stereotype. I like to relax by drawing or writing or doing something creatively enhancing – not sitting watching television or scrolling mindlessly through my Instagram feed.

I have lots of posts I would like to write, and then I have lots posts I can’t write very well (they’re the same thing). Not well enough for an audience that will enjoy it. At the moment I have no idea if I will write Monday’s post today and Tuesday’s. I will write them on the day, not before. Because maybe I won’t be here on Wednesday and you still think I am.

This is not a blog post.

2 thoughts on “This Is Not A Blog Post | Blogmas Day Nine

  1. Sounds like you need to be ‘doing’ and get restless when you’re not. Or perhaps frustrated at not feeling useful and having done something to use your brain a little, whether that’s blog writing or drawing, something creative. xx

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