How To Tackle Christmas Financially | Blogmas Day Three

In all the fun of Christmas there are always some difficulties. One of the main problems is money and deciding what to get that isn’t over-priced. Today’s post is all about how to get high-quality products for less money and how to reduce how many gifts you have to buy.


Secret Santa

remember – the clue’s in the title – secret!

This first one is to friend groups. If you have a collection of friends that know each other well then you could possibly do a Secret Santa. This means that you don’t have to buy for everyone but you buy for one person – it’s fun, inclusive and everyone else in the group won’t feel like they’ve missed out because a budget is usually set so no one can try to out-do eachother with the best gift. This is best for groups with five or more people. Otherwise you don’t really get any financial benefits.

Charity Shops

for charity, not just to save your bank account!

Other than the fact that it’s cheap and it’s convienient, Christmas is a time for giving. Going to charity shops and picking up bits and pieces for the sum of £1:00 may not seem too much to you but on the other end of that charity is someone who can benefit. These shops yes, have some tacky Christmas decorations around this time but you can always find something perfect. Ornaments I find a lot in the charity shops near me and finding the right one is really special, it’s good for friends and then all you have to do is add a Milk Tray… there’s a perfect present! I also enjoy looking for books in charity shops – and I have a friend that’s a bookworm. After you have read the book you can return to the charity shops for someone else to have the pleasure of reading!


No Clothes

don’t ever buy clothes for other people at this time of year

Unless they’ve asked for it – never try to get a jacket that ‘you’ll think they’ll like’. If you want to get Fairtrade clothes these days it’s always really expensive! Try and get them a gift voucher for the fashion shop they like rather than pick out specific clothes. That brings us on to the next way to save money:

Vouchers and Tickets

these are better than giving money but giving them a specific place where they can enjoy themselves.

Tickets for two to the cinema is a really nice gift – because you are not making them choose you to take but rather letting them have a nice day out with whoever they like. Don’t go overboard with these things though. Put £20 at most on the vouchers (because we are trying to save your money here) and don’t let tickets go over £60. It’s hard these days to find something good to go and see at a theatre without it being £100+ but cinema – like I have mentioned previously – or pantomime are under £20 and always entertaining.


Don’t Buy Anything

it’s not important – the presents under the tree.

Spend time with these people and write them a nice lengthy card if you can’t speak directly. Don’t use texts to communicate but give them a call on the landline for a few hours. Pass over messages throughout Christmas season. I stick to cards – then for close family a bit of something and for my friends something I have homemade. Making mince pies is no effort and these are great to give with a card to show that little extra care (and it’s tasty). A box of chocolates and a card is something I enjoy my evenings with in front of all the great Christmas TV – so I like to give what I like and most often the receiver enjoys it too!

Only give to those you really care about. If they never show care to you and never call or text asking how you are – then this Christmas let them know and free yourself of people you don’t need. The people that only make your life worse (but don’t get agressive XD)

Just a reminder that when you are reading this there are 22 days to go!

Have a happy December – I hope so far that it has gone well, and if not, I am always here if you need someone to speak to.

2 thoughts on “How To Tackle Christmas Financially | Blogmas Day Three

  1. I always donate books to charity shops unless I want to keep them for whatever reason, or pass them on to someone who’ll like them. I think that buying for those you care about and doing it with thought is important because all too often it becomes about simply buying stuff for the sake of it. Plus, getting in touch, showing care and compassion for a friend/loved one is free and yet priceless. Great tips! xx

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    • Thank you so much! It is the thought that counts – and no present and the real love and care is better than a present and no love, I agree. Thanks for the comment! I will try to get around to binge reading your blog soon because I really enjoy it xx

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