You Asked, I Answered | Blogmas Day Two

I have asked you on Instagram to ask me some questions! If you haven’t been able to take part in that then make sure that you are following @kittyjadeonline so you can participate next time. You asked me some questions, so I will answer. I didn’t get as many as I’d like to get but there’s certainly some long answers. A Q and A is something that always pops up around Christmas and I love to read them. (sorry for the lack of questions but I didn’t want to do what I did last year – write questions for myself to answer as if they were coming from you!)


This is basic colouring page that I decided to zentangle all over!

Why are you called Kitty Jade?

This question is from one of my friends that I know and have contact with in real life, and I don’t often speak about this to them! But why am I called Kitty Jade? Let’s start with the first word ‘Kitty’ – this is a nickname that my mum often calls me by as my full name is Catherine (so Kitty is derrived from this word). I do love my Christian name but when I first began blogging in 2017 I wanted to stay as anonymous as possible. Which now I have ditched.

The second word in this name ‘Jade’. I don’t really know where this came from but it somehow sounded right. When I think about it jade is a lovely colour and my middle name ‘jane’ is only one letter away. What do you think about Kitty Jade? Do you just take in in your stride that that’s my blog name or have you ever though about it?

Can you take some photographs of your Christmas decorations/vibes around the house?

No I can’t, because I haven’t got anything yet. Probably next weekend I will get a Christmassy duvet cover for my bed (I’ve never had one before) and start getting some DIYs prepared and ready to do. I dried some orange slices last night which I will used to decorate the headboard on my bed. I think I will make a post about how to make these and dry them effectively as I have 31 days to fill with blog posts! Our family usually put the tree up in the middle of month but I listen to Christmas music from day one or before… 

But yes, when I get most things up I will take some photographs of the December vibes! I love this season and last year I didn’t have my head down in blogging so I could say that this is my first Christmas on my blog?


Sneak peek to what might be a DIY post?

Sunrise or sunset?

Well, we don’t have much choice now it is Winter but I prefer sunrise. I am an early bird all year ‘round and fresh, crisp, cold mornings are my favourite. Sunset is also beautiful but I think I am too occupied in evenings to really enjoy it. However, when I’m camping or glamping this is my favourite time of day! Snuggling up in deck chairs as the sun goes down with a fire infront of us… (actually I shouldn’t say that because now I’m getting jealous of my own memories!) 


“Fresh, crisp, cold mornings are my favourite.” Taken on my phone

These are the last of the questions because I haven’t left much time for you to respond as I am going to party tonight and won’t be able to get my post up in time for Sunday morning (at my usual time of 2:00am GMT).

Thank you to all who have asked me questions and if you don’t have access to Instagram – where my questions and polls aways come from – then you can always ask them via email:

2 thoughts on “You Asked, I Answered | Blogmas Day Two

  1. I still see you as Jade, rather than Catherine! Your blog name is certainly catchy! My brain is on such a go-slow right now so I’m a little confused as to the time frame, so I hope you enjoy the party tonight (or enjoyed it if it was last night) 😀

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    • Yes, I did call myself Jade for while, just to keep the anonymity barrier. But there’s a difference between lying snd covering things up! It’s okay, about you being confused with the time at the moment – because I am too! The party was last night and I had a really good time, thank you! Thanks a lot for the comment – it’s really appreciated ☺️
      Have a great day 💕

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