What Is It?| Blogmas Day One

It’s Christmas season (whether you think it or not), all the YouTubers and vlogging and all the bloggers are blogging! It’s a time where we can’t even think thoughts nevertheless write them out. A sketchbook that I started in September this year looks like dog poop and I don’t think that is going to change. Diaries have been lost and we are writing to-do lists on random scraps of paper (at least I am, maybe you just keep a mental list that you forget half of?). Blogging has got out of hand for many of us and even more for me! I don’t know where to begin. But we’re beginning here.


Obviously this is not accurate for the time you are reading – sorry about that! Footage from Sleeps 2 available on the App Store and Google Play

All the windows to be opened on our advent calendars is a lingering mist and all the collaborations we would like to put out to you is an even heavier fog. Where shall we begin? What shall we choose to believe? That Santa will solve it all for us? I think not. Maybe it’s too early for you on the 1st of December to get excited for Christmas but it’s definitely there in the media and has been for a while. There’s something I’d like you to understand though, I don’t put up my tree on the first weekend\day of December. Our family usually put it up on the weekend nearest to the 15th of December 🙂 *I’m the one who puts up decorations and listens to Christmas songs from today*


You may have seen this on my other social profiles – but I can say that this is one of the last blue skies I will see in a long time!

Do you celebrate Christmas?

I am very interested in educating myself in other religions. What we learn at school is usually just about the places of worship and Holy Books – but that’s not what it’s all about. How do people feel being that certain religion? I’m a Church if England Christian and I don’t go to church every Sunday, I have never read the whole Bible… but I’m a Christian. 

I would like to do another post about this where I can properly rant, about religion and it’s advantages and disadvantages – but before then I have a Q and A (ask questions on my Instagram) and a post about 5 Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit! (and not be a Scrooge)


Stay tuned for the rest of Blogmas! Even if you don’t get time to read every post on here there are always little snippets on my Instagram. If you don’t celebrate this occasion not all posts will be centred around it. There will be lots of collaborations and ways for you to get involved! Send me an email if you would like to take part in a post (you don’t even need to have a blog)

Happy December!

I promise you that for once I have actually planned 5 posts in advance!

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