Truth Is a Lie

Science is a theory proven by science therefore making it true enough to base where we come from. Because we don’t know. Maybe God did. How can we find out? We can’t.

But how far does the concept of truth go? We’ve created this words and their meanings – but how far do they reach out to others. Is truth really what we think it is? Do some people have insights into different worlds and being back information to tell us but do it sneakily in the form of ‘fictional books’.

What really is language if what only defines it is language?

A thought for you to feed on.

3 thoughts on “Truth Is a Lie

  1. People who are stuck on anything dealing with language to a degree that they need to correct others, this is what I like to tell them:

    You do realize WE ALL are speaking terrible slang, right? As in everyone. The best authors to kids on the street. It is all “slang” technically.

    Your post made me think about that.

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