I Don’t Know My Body

I am part of my body yet I don’t know how it feels. I have to learn what’s in my body even though I live with it. It’s there, but I don’t understand every cell and I don’t speak to every nerve. I have to be reminded what all the organ systems are, even though they are in me.

My brain has a family but doesn’t know it. Yet I know of my brain. It’s very strange to think that I don’t know if I could have a disease when it’s already in me.

When I was younger, in school they said ‘this is the way your body speaks to you – by nerves’ but I am my body.

I’m in it. I’m here.

I know lots of things but they do not make my brain larger – at least I don’t think so. I know that I am writing this and breathing air but my brain doesn’t grow for every breath.

Then I have my mind. Which is something else. Science is a theory proven by science itself – so can we trust it? Maybe we’re all just ghosts.

Humans think they know everything. They think they’re above everything else. And to make our lives make sense we need to believe one thing: that it is dangerous.

We created these words ourselves but we are not intelligent. We just crave social activity. And, you may be there thinking that you hate being around other people… but you don’t like being lonely. You just need the right people.

And then comes along me, I’m writing this not thinking I’m smarter than any of you. But we’re just ghosts in the end. That’s all we can ever be because science is only proved by science. We could be characters in someone’s storybook, cells in another living being’s body – actually lets not go that far. We don’t know what is real.

I am only ever able to think about everything that relates with this. Because typing it would be making me look strange. There’s no words if it isn’t real.

I’m not great at describing – but I hope this made you think. It’s a lot to get our minds around.

That’s why belief exists. Because we don’t know what’s real or where truth began.

These words may not even be real.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know My Body

  1. Wow…..
    I’m speechless
    You’ve managed to combine so many of life’s biggest questions into one poetic-like introspective analysis (I don’t even know what to call it) I think about these questions a lot, yet I find it very difficult to translate my thoughts about them into words. The way you do it by talking about not knowing your body and how your body doesn’t know you or anything else is truly very impressive. We must definitely do a collaboration some time, I really think we can combine together some great ideas.

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    • Thank you! You were so early to comment I was speechless too. It’s really appreciated and it makes me feel great that you understand some of what *that* is 😂!
      But yes, collaborating would be a good idea. I just never end up having time to immediately do something so the New Year will be a good opportunity, is it okay if we discuss it over December? I’m sorry if this is too late for you. DM me 😊
      This is the sort of response I enjoy so I’ll do more of writing my mind in the future 🙂
      Love xoxo

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  2. It’s refreshing to see someone else thinks these existential things. I sometimes become overwhelmed with thoughts like this, but that’s OCD. I like to think, but then a part of me wants that thinking to become solutions or something proactive.

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    • Thank you for responding. No-one can ever think what I am, but everyone has a thought that they can’t explain. Putting thoughts into words is very hard especially if you are debating what is real or not – and how far the concept of reality goes. Because who creates the words? I think I suffer from OCD but I’ve not been diagnosed – it gets to a point where I’m really selfish because something is ‘out of schedule’ nothing ever satifies me to what I want – so I don’t know why I try so hard.
      That last sentence is interesting. If I can put my thoughts of that repsonse into words I will try!
      Thank you 😊


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