The Road Is a Forest

You know when you are driving down the road when the sun’s out and because of the trees lining the road you get flashes of shadows in the corner of your eye? Well that’s like life. Sometimes you need to stop the car and get out to see what the tree has to offer, and rather than hopping back in the car you should climb the tree no matter how high, or hard, because you don’t want the feeling of regret.
Sometimes these fears are what makes life better. Show them wrong… climb your tree.
And before getting back in that car, think why you need to be driving when you could be walking or running down the pavement with fresh air tingling up your nose.
Take the walk in the woods. With the trees. With the memories on the leaves. Your forest is going to be so large by the end of your life. You will be planting saplings in other people’s forests and growing so wise and strong. Because those little things that help move the world along are you and your thoughts.
And you may be thinking about how the leaves with fall off every year. They do grow back – but you are an Evergreen Tree. Only the bad memories with fall onto the floor. You will not forget them, and they will be used to help animals stay warm and grow themselves. The bad leaves are what you are growing on, bear that in mind.
As I am writing this I am in the car. I am not driving, I have stopped. I’ve just had my hair cut, and that gives more space for my hair to grow again…
Like a forest.
Don’t cut down the forest.

4 thoughts on “The Road Is a Forest

    • Yes I am very happy with my haircut aha! Thank you very much, as I look back on this I actually think it is quite interesting. Because, I did this without editing…
      You are very welcome! I’m glad you think so. x
      All the best, have a wonderful week.

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