My Day Away

And what a day indeed! I got to Liverpool via train in the morning but came back with my dad in the car afterwards. It was a really beautiful day. the sun was out and the sunset perfectly. I left my phone and camera in the flat for most of the day, so photos weren’t exactly the priority. 



Haha we managed to sneak into LUSH just before we were due in the museum and so I bought a lovely pumpkin bath bomb and something for someone else ;). My mum got one of those shampoo bars and I’m curious to see how well it works (I doubt it will fail!). Slightly after, my hungry eyes noticed a Krispy Kreme and I was allowed to treat myself as we walked up to the Terracotta Army and World Museum.


Shampoo Bar (LUSH)

*As soon as we were there* it was *immediately* to the World Museum. My mum and brother got into see the Terracotta Warriors (my mum actually got her ticket free for a woman gave up her ticket because her relation had been taken ill. This was very kind of her, we tried to offer money but she said to give to charity. What a Good Samaritan!) and my dad and I went to the free exhibitions of the World Museum. 


This amazing youth orchestra (biggest in Europe) were on as soon as we got through the doors. The performance was half-an-hour long as so very beautiful. There was a bit of a ‘do’ on that day, called ‘A Taste of China’ and those were the only performers we managed to see. The youngest player was 5 and oldest 16. Most of these children were born in England but wanted to investigate their heritage and that’s where the music comes in.

The composer was telling us how being in the Liverpool meant no escape from The Beatles so we listened to ‘Yellow Submarine’ with a different take and I enjoyed it so much! 


The Orchestra

Next, tired old me walked up a huge, huge flight of stairs to get to ‘Time and Space’. There was this big screen in the middle of the exhibition room which had Space Oddity playing in the background. Rest in peace great man, I still can’t believe it was over two years ago. It was even when I kept a corny diary! It felt very weird listening to that song after so long. 


After finding cracks in walls and plastic figures in the space and time area (only Whovians will get what I put in italics) we made our way down the floors (briefly exploring each one) and then went to eat lunch! By this time we had all re-grouped and I had put my camera bag down in the flat (it was getting seriously heavy). This is where I parted my phone so there are no more photos of the rest of the day.



Sorry for the lighting on this one

We ate at Wetherspoons – where my brother (he’s such a picky eater) would be satisfied. I of course had my veggie burger, and my brother doesn’t like egg so he donated that to me! Egg, chips and burger: now that was lovely.

After lunch we went to the John and Yoko exhibition in The Museum of Liverpool. It was so inspiring. I learnt so much and took a lot away from it, so I think I will make it another post. But here are some things I collected (they are re-creations of what John and Yoko gave each other, but like I say it will be a different post):


And finally we made our way back. We had to go past ***** to pick up my mum’s car (we drove to the station) and I actually fell asleep! Haha I think I deserved it. We stopped by the local shop to pick up some treats (as if I hadn’t had a donut earlier) and got back home for about 8-00pm.


Also managed to get these in the end 🙂

But that wasn’t it! I sorted out my bags from the day in Liverpool and got ready for bed. Obviously the treats were for something, and we found that Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers was on ITV 2 and watched that as my mum fell asleep on the sofa and I stayed up even later. Someone finished nearly a whole bag of Doritos…

Did she deserve it? XD

I hope you also had a wonderful Saturday!


5 thoughts on “My Day Away

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  2. All too often I find myself looking at things from Lush and thinking “mmm they look tasty”!
    Sounds like a wonderful day, and really interesting places to visit. The John & Yoko bits you collected are so sweet. Will look forward to the post on that.
    And why only ‘nearly’ a whole bag of Doritos? You’ve got to do it right and finish the lot, it’s definitely deserved 😉
    Caz xx

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    • Haha, well I don’t live near a LUSH so it’s always a treat! It was really brilliant, I have another holiday to write about too!
      Aha thank you! Well I shared the Doritos and wanted to feel less guilty by saving some for the next day!
      I have done that whole post now, I wasn’t really impressed with it but others seemed to like it a lot.
      I must catch up with your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

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