No Longer With Me

Your ghostly shape no longer haunts me,

In fact I’m starting to see a great reflection,

In that mirror you always (used to) crept up in.

I’m seeing a change.


I always hated changes.

But this one is death-defying life changing, 

I know longer feel an urge to,

You know,

Go that way, pick it up and go to hell heaven (now you’re gone!)


I’m actually starting to open up, 

Not close down. 

And if you were still here I’m sure you’d be envious.

I’m making my own decisions.

I know it scares you (you’re out of control now).

Well do what you can…

I’m not going back.


I do still hear you sometimes.

I hear you whisper in other people’s actions to make them scared of themselves too.


But however many years it takes them they’ll realise that they’re better of without you.

It took me my life,

But look how much I’ve got left!


This is not a poem about me personally suffering from/or experiencing suicidal thoughts. This is in aid to raise awareness about young people taking there lives. Last month was suicide prevention month but it’s not as if we can’t keep carrying the message around. If you are in a situation in which this is relating with you, it will benefit you all in all to open up about it and please talk to someone. I am no professional, but if it helps, you can talk to me first.

6 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. Very well written, and encouraging too because there is a way back from being on this ledge. And you’re right, more needs to be done to open up, to talk about it, without fear of judgement or repercussion.  ♥
    Caz x

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  2. Spreading awareness and removing the stigma around mental health can really make a huge difference in preventing suicide and other mental health related issues such as self harm. We definitely need to find a better way to handle mental health problems.

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    • I do think that the awareness is there but the attitude isn’t. If people wouldn’t look down on those with depression or anxiety but put everyone at the same level (an equality) then I’m sure those suffering would feel less entitled to self harm and feel more for helping others.
      I’m not sure, but I’m writing this comment at the breakfast table so I’ll think very hard and put it into better words. (Maybe a post)
      Thank you for your words!
      Erin xx

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