No-One Said No | Kitty Jade 2.0

I laugh at how perfect I wanted October to be.

I realised that September was s***but I expected a new month to be a barrier between bad and better.

What I didn’t understand was that the motivation would come to me. I don’t have to push myself to write better if I can’t. So, I took a break. A lovely break – actually, it was the only time I broke off from a creative project to come back feeling geniunly better. More inspired.

So, in the last two days I got that motivation. It came at just the right time! I took the sketchbook from the back of my wardrobe (where I shoved it after thinking that my ‘art’ isn’t good enough for the paper) and started drawing at a standard I didn’t despise. Began to write not caring about the views, having the idea of something to write when I wasn’t in the right place to, that’s just so amazing. 

Here’s Kitty Jade. I know it’s a mess but I love this theme and I don’t think I’ll change it for the sake of ‘new begginings’. I’m going to private those posts I hate and leave merely shadows of who I used to be. I hope you like it? 

I’m not really sure what my focus-points are right now but I hope that you like all the random statements I put out there…

You can be whoever you want to be.

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