Who Is This Erin Anyway?

Who is this Erin anyway?

Erin is a weird person. She never shares her face on her blog because she doesn’t want to be judged, her opinion is enough to decide if she’s good or bad. And, that’s an opinion too! Erin used to write very long informative posts, but now they’re short and sweet, because she doesn’t have the time herself to read such posts. It’s best to make/write what you would read, and are genuinely interested in.

This is the first time Erin had ever written directly into WordPress, without previously writing on Word or Pages. She did this because she just wanted to put out what she was saying without overly editing it – she wanting to feel in a blogging vibe as she wrote about her blog.

And now she gets up off her chair, to go downstairs and grab her phone so she can upload some photos to place on this post.

She’s back now, she’s satisfied now everything’s in order. This is because she suffers from OCD. She is starting to overcome it slightly, stretching her allowance on schedules for a bit of a set back, without ‘working under pressure’ even though she sometimes thinks that’s how she works best.


Erin is proud to know Zoe Ware – she is a great blogger, photographer and YouTuber. The fact that they’ve spoken to each other lightens up her day. Because in the future she can say “I knew Zoe Ware as her career was taking off.” Isn’t that amazing?

Similarly with other bloggers, she loves to know such wonderful beings just as their petals are opening to invite sunlight. She would list them all, but it would take so very long.

Oh, and her classmates. Isn’t it wonderful to think that the nerd in the corner will be the next Einstein, or that the popular girl will become this amazing blogger? Even Erin, the weirdo in the corner, has a blog. Not many people know, they’d call it ‘sad’… but at least she has something to do, something to set goals for. And in her art too! She loves to create her art, knowing that no-one has created before.


She glances over at her phone, to see that her mum has just WhatsApped her. Ah, she loves her family. As she writes she is at her wonderful Granny and Granddad’s. So fortunate. And the biscuits, what’s a Granny without biscuits? Coming home from school on a Thursday to her feels so nice.

I’m Erin. Oops, I took over the narrator. But I’m here, I’m alive. And for once being awake isn’t a bad thing, because I wake up to so many hobbies, so many packed schedules…

With things I love.

And near the top of that list is this blog.

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