Why September Was The Worst Month of My Life | Recap

I need to tell myself that a new day should really be a clean slate.

I don’t know about you, but September was kind of the worst month of my life. But I can accept that, I really can. I don’t want to cover it up, I don’t want any of those events not to have happened… but I don’t want to do September again.


I am very awake and alive to start October really well, and continue to do well with it all the way through. I can officially start creating leaf garlands, do more DIYs, buy candles and get cosy. I’m on a bit of a health journey too. I’m starting to incorporate workouts around my busy schedule and go running. I got on my school’s cross-country team, which is something, and because school hit back hard it’s a nice relax for me.

I have some goals set out for myself. I’m going to put them out on the internet to make them ‘official’. So I look at this post and think, that’s whhat people are expecting – let’s do it.

  • I’m going to try to finish two books. Two whole books.
  • Fill two pages with sketches and paintings everyday.
  • Cello, I’ve not had the motivation but I’m going to try hard with it and then end knowing I’ve done something good and new (something not many other people can do!).
  • Excercise and health are going to be the main points of my month. I can say that I’ve gone training every Saturday, exercised everyday and done workouts beside.
  • Make the best month yet. I am going to try so hard, push myself. I don’t have time for stress because I’m so busy!


What made September a good month?

  • On the first of September I went out with one of my two closest friends to a water park. That was amazing! And luck has it, I’ll be going at least twice again this year.
  • I had a nightmare, but I got over it. I’m not scared of it anymore.
  • I reached some milestones, on this blog and out in my personal life. Not the biggest you could ever get, but I’m so happy for myself.
  • I went out with my friends quite a lot. Most of my weekends had some sort of activity to keep me occupied!


And, what things made September the worst month of your life?

  • I can’t pin-point a particular thing, but the stress of a new school year spun me off the radar, and then some more stuff happened. So, I need to clear things up this week… and then everything can be a fresh start – for real. No traces of September.
  • I didn’t do as much blogging or drawing as I wanted to. That’s why the goal is going to be out there and real this time.

I’m remiding myself to keep with what I’ve said, not give up, not give in, and be able to say that October was the best, most productive month of the year. 

You know, I can’t say that for every month.

2 thoughts on “Why September Was The Worst Month of My Life | Recap

  1. Being able to try to see the good from awful times in our lives can be so hard, so I’ve think you’ve done great working through it and focusing on having a better October. Just try not to put too much pressure on yourself – I hope this month is more positive for you 🙂
    Caz x

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