Can Something Come From Nothing? | Collaboration With Luna’s Lament

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My good friend, Luna, made an input on my recent philosophy post. I thought it would be a lovely idea to collaborate and so far it has been a wonderful process! We both have massively differentiated opinions on this topic, and I found it very intriguing to write and read! make sure to stick to the end.

Can Something Come From Nothing? – Part One

Hello, my name is Luna, your author and for today’s post I am doing a collaboration with my good friend Erin on philosophy! To understand this post, please go back and read Erin’s previous post titled ‘Can Something Come From Nothing?’ I hope you enjoy our collaboration.

Ok, sooooooooooooo… I guess first I should mention that I have been a Christian my entire life. I’m not really sure what you believe in, or maybe you don’t believe in anything, everyone has to make that choice on their own. So, I guess, if you want answers on the universe from my view, just keep in mind that this is what I personally believe and I don’t want to offend anyone in any way.

The first thing that caught my eye while reading Erin’s post was when she mentioned that, “The universe comes from something, and that creator came from something etc.”  So, I believe in the God who is an eternal, immutable, omnipotent, omnipresent, wonderful, mighty, the list can go on and on! From my point of view, the creator she mentioned is my God, who, in the beginning, created everything on this wonderful earth and beyond. God wasn’t created by another being though, He has always been. Mind-blowing, right? He has just always…been. He will always be. That is just how amazing He is. Now, this might just sound really dumb or cliché, but imagine how wonderful it is to be able to just have someone so powerful always on your side.

Can Something Come From Nothing? – Part Two

Without trying to be insensitive to your beliefs, readers, (which I totally accept) – I am not a Christian, maybe, but probably no. I follow the principles and ethos of Our Lord but other than that I believe in no ‘creator being’.

People believe that The Big Bang came from nothing. It is hardly possible unless we are using Gallifreyan Science (but via Doctor Who it will make neither more sense).

I don’t think that something has always been there – but my thoughts aren’t adjust – and many philosophers follow this principle too. I cram my mind with these studies, varying in and out, until no capacity is left.

Nothing can also come from nothing – but nothing is something that we consider, therefore it is not ‘nothing’. If this sounds complicated – then I recommend you not read this again (every time a little atom will blow up and the world’s nothingness becomes closer to something).

Can Something Come From Nothing? – Part Three

Back to the subject: Can Something Come From Nothing? In her blog, she answered this question with a no. Like, I said earlier, nothing can just come from nothing, which proves my point that there does exist the wonderful creator I know and love.

Life doesn’t work in a circle. When we die, we don’t repeat a cycle of coming back to this earth and starting anew. Before the day we pass, we have to make a choice. This choice is whether or not to accept Jesus into your heart. The choice we make decides where we go when we pass. After that, if the person chose to believe, there is new life in heaven as well as life forever.

So, in conclusion, I believe it is impossible for something to come from nothing, with the exception being that God himself did not come from anything else.

Can Something Come From Nothing? – Luna’s Conclusion 

I bet I blew everyone’s mind up even more. So, I’m going to leave it there. In writing this I only imagined all the hate this would get. You know what? If you want to hate me because you think I’m being insensitive to your beliefs, you are only being insensitive to mine in the end. If you don’t absolutely hate me after I wrote this and maybe your even intrigued, send me an email, I’d be happy to share more.

Can Something Come From Nothing? – Erin’s Conclusion

The beginning and end links to the end and beginning. In conclusion, something could come from nothing but equally not become at all. The science is complicated, and so is the theory.

I hope you enjoyed the (very long) collaboration today. I have had the best time writing it and putting it together, corresponding with my online friend, posting it to an audience. Did the audience enjoy it? Make sure to leave a like and possibly a comment – I return the favour nearly every time! 

If you found Luna’s opinion interesting, then go over to her equally interesting blog! She posts fan fictions, art, and little rambles. I love it all! Be sure to give her extra support as she’s a newbie to this community and most definitely needs to be noticed!

How it all started:

Snips (Luna) and I met on this really cool kids social media called ‘PopJam’. We created art and made our own (very classic) club – called PetPack! We shared stories about our hella cute pets and posted fan art to the hashtag. Many people joined our fan group and we all made good friends over there. Whilst still on PopJam, Luna and I created blogs, and got eachother’s emails. Until now we have our geeky talks about anime, art and trash (not that art and trash should fall into the same conversation!). I have now left that little platform, but I believe Snips and I will always be great pals! I could talk for days, but without boring you…

I leave to let your thoughts carry you away.

Find out more about PopJam here!

And more about Luna’s blog here!

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