Friday 25th May | Diary

Friday 25th May 2018

Dear Diary,

Oh, what a day it’s been! A nice way to end half-term, but still all the stressful. Having to grab all my bags with haste as I rush towards the bus. We watched The Greatest Showman in the last to lessons of the day, as a treat. We were meant to be having a games afternoon but it was raining. How I wished I was outside! I guess then, we took the unhealthy route. People brought in so much junk food – and I just had some fruit. I knew I was being sensible though. XD

The bell went as we were still watching the film – so I didn’t get to finish watching. I’ve not seen The Greatest Showman fully, that was my first snippet. We were all rushing in a commotion around the Hall putting away benches and tables and chairs. Luckily, ‘the bus people’ could leave early. Our bags were in our maths classrooms and I rushed wildly to get there.

As soon as I got on the bus the commotion stopped. I sat next to **** and we had a good chat.

Finally, I got off the bus and started walking home.


Phew! I was back. I poured myself some water and went upstairs to get out of my awfully uncomfortable school uniform. I went through my homework and everything was done by five, which was a relief. I had ordered a hoodie last weekend as a treat for half-term. I saw the package propped up against the stairs and I immediately went to open it. I ‘tried’ it on, before wearing it for the whole evening!

I did a bit of drawing then got myself ready. We were going to my grannie’s 70th birthday party. I wore a denim jacket, a white t-shirt and some black leggings. I’m not the party dress sort of girl! At around 7:15 we all jumped in the car and went off.

We arrived back at 10:45ish. I fell asleep around 11:00.



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