Thinking | Poem By Kitty Jade

“You’re planning an adventure on a map,

Knowing what’s to come as you sit it on your lap.

You know when he falls, and she stands,

You know it all because you wrote with your hands.

It’s crazy actually – this planning of defeat,

It’s crazy that you did it on your own two feet.

Think for a minute, then think out loud,

Think that death and torture is most definitely allowed.


Sit with yourself for a minute, and ponder,

Over the thoughts that make you wander.

Sit with yourself for minute, and empathise,

The salty tears coming out of her eyes.


You are planning a life for herself.

Would you like the torture of bad mental health?

Would you like to look at yourself like that,

Standing in the mirror and thinking you are fat?


If it’s a no then make this good,

Make it as good as you possibly could.

You are the one we rely on,

The one we investigate and sometimes pry on.


Make this good,

Make this as good as you possibly could.”

I hope you don’t mind all these poems! Poetry has never been my strong point but I am really fascinated by it. And as you can see, at the start of this year I began to pick it up as a ‘hobby”. Many of you have enjoyed them, and as I sit with my mind for a minute – I begin to start writing them again and again.

Who are your favourite poets? Please tell me in the comments or via email. I love having little chats with you guys.

See you in the future!


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