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Hello Internet!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas this year and best wishes for the new year.

For about two weeks I have been working on an article with ‘myself and teas’ also known as Lorelie Joy. This wonderful human has a magazine online at ‘’ and please see her blog for more details on the magizine! I’m sure I cannot explain it properly so please see the professional! 😂

Her magazine this month is about the road to a treasuring life and Lorelie kindly invited me to write an article for it! This is my article, edited by Lorelie herself, please stick around for the release date on December 30th! Here it is:

The road to a treasuring life.

A path that can be really hard to take.

You know when you are at a junction on a road and there are multiple ways to go? Well, everyone’s life has that decision (mentally) and for me, I can’t clearly read the sign posts. You may be jealous of someone else’s popularity, appearance or talent, but they have experienced and overcame the many bumps that their path threw at them. The media always swerve things in different directions like editing and creating information to alter the truth.

You are you, live for what you are and be truly yourself. Don’t fraud your life, make the most of it. However, it is okay to be a glow stick, sometimes we have to break before we shine but once you have shone, unlike a glow stick, you are NOT going to dull in the next 24 hours.

Be you, that is the key way to start living your life to the best it can be. People will always judge you, but people will always love you too so DO NOT let anyone dull that shine of yours.

But to treasure life, it’s also important to enjoy the journey on the path you have chosen no matter what the circumstance because your destination will be too amazing that you’ll forget about the struggles you had along the way.”

Big thanks to ‘myself and teas’ for making this possible, please follow her blog: here and her ‘Issuu’ account which is linked on her blog.

Happy New Year!

Erin, xx

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