It’s The Holidays!

Hello World!

I am two weeks into my holidays. I have four weeks left!

I thought I’d write an “essay” for you guys about my holidays so far! So much has happened, I mean EVERYTHING has happened including a flying “tent-kite” (more on that later).

You have to make the most of holidays. Every single one because you know you are never going to live this second of your life, in this minute of your life EVER AGAIN. Think about it, it isn’t cheesy really; it’s true.

Okay, now more on the tent flying. Friday was the day I set off to my mini camping break, with the campsite three hours away from my house, it was a long drive. You might be asking: “Why got that far for a camping holiday when I bet there’s a campsite just down your road?”. It was because we were meeting some very special people, my auntie and friend. They aren’t blood related but they’re family. So my friend is my aunt’s daughter which makes her a cousin but I don’t ever say she is.

Half an hour before we arrived we got a call from my aunt asking how long we’d be because they’d already arrived. We, meaning my mum, my brother and me, said that we’d be half an hour to forty minutes because of traffic, all my aunt said was that they started to put up the tent but had an accident. But she said it so casually…

When we finally arrived, we parked next to their car and no tent up. My aunt and friend were sitting down in the camping chairs looking a bit fed up. The tent was in a heap on the ground. We got our camping chairs out and our aunt explained it all.

After another half an hour we knew in detail that the wind had been fierce and the tent flew of, snapped one of the tent poles, ripped on the barbed wire fence and scratched my aunt’s, and my friend’s, hand. So, we know had a broken tent pole and nothing to fix it. So my aunt called my uncle and he had to come all the way to the campsite, and he was about two hours away.

Later that day, my uncle arrived, we fixed the tent and… it was up! We had a tent so we started to unpack, then immediately started cooking the burgers and sausages (Me and my friend were in charge of that, it went successfully.) then sat down and eat. We stayed up and awake, playing boules, till later, at which it was 12:15.

The next night we sang campfire songs and had a real good laugh!

Then… we had leave. Whaa!

I told you this was an essay but I’m not finished! This week, on Saturday, I’m going on holiday till the Friday. When I come back I’ll update you.

Lots of love,

Jade, Xx

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